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Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers
present our
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

April 25-27th, Rehoboth Beach Delaware!

From Joint Master Wanks With Wolves.....

What you REALLY need to know is that you must email Wanks with Wolves when you make your hotel reservation with the Sandcastle - I will send a roster of names - (so give me the name you registered under along with your hash name) - to the hotel management so that you get our $69 group rate! Email your name and your hotel confirmation # to Wanks

The Registration Form for the 2008 Mount Vernon Annual General Meeting is here. Print it out - sign up, bring us your money!

The AGM will take place from the afternoon of Friday, April 25th through Sunday morning, April 27th, and the venue will be Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The Saturday run will take place in Cape Henlopen State Park.

The AGM is limited to the first 100 registrants, and the price goes up from $55 to $65 after March 31st.

Oh, you don't really need the details you know the drill - Beer, kick @ss giveaways, Beer, continental breakfast (Continental Drip, if you play your cards right), beer hashpitality suite, organized pay as you go pub crawl Friday - we'll work on specials, beer, the beach, the boardwalk, a fine run on Saturday Morning at a great state park, followed by an afternoon of a great lunch spread and beer, dinner at an actual restaurant with real plates and utensils!, beer and hangover run on Sunday and whatever food is leftover. Sound familiar? Why mess with success?! You know it will be a good time and well worth more than the registration fee! So sign up now!

Ok - a place to sleep - I'll give you that - you DO need details on the Hash hotel - so here they are! We have a block of 40 rooms set aside at the Sandcastle Motel. And yes, they must know us because they have given us a rate of $69 for their standard room.

Here's what they tell me about it:
The standard room has two double beds, a small refrigerator, and tiny private balcony. We do have 5 rooms with one king bed and a day bed (single), as well as 2 oversized rooms with four double beds. The rates for those are higher but I'll keep the $10 per night across-the-board discount, so the king room would cost $89 and the oversized $99. The lodging tax rate is 8%, or $5.52 on top of $69.

Oh yeah - and the heated indoor pool with sundeck too!

The Sandcastle is located at 123 Second St, Rehoboth Beach DE. And is just a few blocks from the beach and boardwalk. The phone number is 800-372-2112 - but this phone will not be answered until their season opens on March 28th - so online reservations are your best bet if you want to reserve right now.

Other things you need to know? We ask for the first night to be paid as an advance deposit. I will waive the $20 cancellation charge but will need one week's notice or the deposit is lost. Switching names on short notice is also acceptable.

We do not allow pets at any time, so those in the group with pet concerns will need to look elsewhere. As far as check-out goes, normal time is 11 am but I'm sure we can be flexible, as Sundays in April tend not to be very busy for us. We have covered parking on-site for one car per room with a clearance of 6'4"--spaces are tight but parking on the street is free at that time if anyone has trouble fitting in.

Finally - remember, what you REALLY need to know is that you must email Wanks with Wolves when you make your hotel reservation with the Sandcastle‚ - I will send a roster of names - so give me the name you registered under - to the hotel management so that you get our $69 group rate! If you have your hotel confirmation #, send that too!

On On
Wanks with Wolves

AGM Itinerary

AGM ITINERARY Friday the 25th - Sleep in. Call into work with "vision problems". If they ask what the problem is tell them "eye" can't see myself coming in to work today. Pack for a hash weekend at the beach (that's East Coast beach in early spring - but bring a suit for the pool) and make your way to the SandCastle motel at 123 Second St, Rehoboth Beach, DE 800-372-2112- maybe these will help:
From Washington, DC Take the Beltway to Route 50/301. Follow Route 50 East to Route 404. Take a left on Route 16 and make a right on Route 1 South towards Rehoboth Beach. The motel is the one that looks like a sand castle right off the main street.

Check in at the Hashpitality suite, we should be up and running around 1 PM and will be open until 7 PMish or so. Don't worry if you're late - grab a beer and relax, we'll be reopen sign in at 9:30 Saturday Morning.

Friday Afternoon - lots of Happy Hour specials around town - see For Sale or Rent for the "earlier adopters" Pub Crawl information. Or how about a 3 PM free brewery tour of Dogfish Head in nearby Milton?

Friday Night - meet up at the Hashpitality suite around 7:00 PM ish and we'll be off for the pay as you go Pub Crawl. Don't worry if you come in later than this, we'll leave a note at the Hashpitality Suite where we've started and we'll lay trail from bar to bar letting you know where and when we've gone. You can even call or text 253-722-3044 or 253-720- 5415 and we'll give you drunken live updates. Or just hang out at the hashpitality suite and have a beer or six there.

Saturday Morning - wake up and find that your "vision problems" seem to be real this morning - blurry double vision problems. Grab some coffee at the motel, make your way to the Hashpitality Suite for continental breakfast items and hare of the dog. Or hit the town for a full blown hangover breakfast. Late sign in from 9:30-10:15 AM.

Make your way to the motel parking lot by 10:30 AM and be ready to hash. Bring your bag for the bag vehicles and be prepared to run/walk/stumble. We will shuttle groups to Cape Henlopen park. There is an $8 parking fee - Mismangement will be buying a number of parking passes and we are looking for a few volunteers who are willing to drive, taking as many other hashers with them as possible.

Saturday Afternoon - hang out at Cape Henlopen Park drinking good beer, eating good BBQ, and hanging out with good friends. And then go back to the motel and take a nap.

Saturday Evening - gather at the Hashpitality suite have some cocktail hour drinks and snacks. Around 7:30, start walking the whole 2 blocks to Catchers Restaurant at 249 Rehoboth Ave. Dinner is at 8 PM, come on in and order of the AGM menu. We'll do the best/worst trail and other awards for your entertainment. We have Happy Hour prices here until the place closes at 1 AM.

Sunday Morning - realize that your vision problems may be permanent. Ask Motel for late checkout - they are still pretty quiet this time of year so it shouldn't be a problem (assuming we haven't angered them earlier in the weekend). Get coffee, rummage for food at the hashpitality suite. Hope there is some hare of the dog to help you through the morning. Get ready to do the hangover run. When? Where? Ask the NEW mismanagement! We don't know anything anymore! (And that's only slightly more than we've known up to this point this year).