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Over the last 5 years, Craig (Pudknocker) has been in and out of the hospital constantly for various issues, all stemming from his being immuno-comprised as a result of the leukemia treatment. After battling cancer on his ear for the last 2 years and having his ear and part of his skull removed in September, Jill and Craig were told that there was nothing more the docs could do and that Craig was terminal. Craig was no longer able to travel and in his last days, he was unable to walk. He was fortunate enough to have had a visit from his parents and older sister in the last several weeks. Craig passed away quietly at home on Sunday December 21st with Jill holding one hand and his sister holding the other. Jill says his death was good and that he was at peace, surrounded by the people who loved him.

As was his desire, Craig was cremated. There will be a funeral and memorial service at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on January 12th, at 10am in the Catholic Chapel.

If you would like to contact Jill, you can do so at:
Jill (& Keith) Puz
5313 Devils Head Circle
Golden, CO 80403

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