The birth of the Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers.

On December 14, 1985, two Northern Virginian hashers laid a trail of flour starting from the parking lot of Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. The trail ended Riverside Park, nearly a mile away, after going under bridges, through ravines, around housing developments, and over the worst terrain available. A pack of seven runners chased the hares to the trail's finish and raised a toast of beer in grievances over the lousy trail. Thus was the birth of the Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers.

The hares for the first hash were Barbara "Snow Fairy" Fitz and Bob "The Dribbler" Fitz. Also in attendance was Chuck "Chucky Chew Chew" Wilson, Betty "Slow Suds" Wilson, Jim and Lisa Fitz (children of the hares) and The Fitz's neighbor Fred Myer. This was Mr Myer's first and last hash with MVH3.

Bob "The Dribbler" Fitz and Chuck "Chucky Chew Chew" Wilson had been hashing together in Camp Zama, Japan with the Samurai House Harriers. The Samurai H3 was a son of the Okinawa Hash House Harriers. The Dribbler and Chucky Chew Chew were interested in a hash with "live hares", something none of the other DC Area hashes did. Mount Vernon was born out of the desire for "live hares" and fun of hashing. Mount Vernon started out hashing every other week. By 1988 it turned into a weekly event. Today there are on average 65 active hashers including the co-founders and hares of the very first hash. MVH3 also has a large group of people who have been hashing with MVH3 for at least five years.

Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers, 13 years of hashing and still on trail...