About Us...

Who are we?
WH4 is one of around 1000 chapters of the Hash House Harriers, a worldwide social group commonly refered to as a drinking club with a r*nning problem. Plainly put, we are a social club that meets every week, r*ns a few miles , drinks a few beers and sings a few songs.

When do we hash?
WH4 r*ns at 3 pm on Sunday afternoons from Labor Day to Memorial day weekend and at 6:30 PM on Mondays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. These r*ns are 3-5 miles in length and usually include a Turkey and Eagle trail (for r*nners and walkers). Our Hashes are open to all levels of fitness for those 21 & older. $4.00 covers beer, sodas, water, snacks & fun.

After each Hash we travel to a nearby restaurant & bar for an ON IN, the cost of which is announced at the circle by the Hares. Check the next hash link for directions to the next hash.

This is our song
We're the White House Hashers,
Scum of the Earth,
Scourge of Creation,
God-forsaken fornicatin' sons-of-bitches.

Found in every whore house,
Drink, smoke and screw,
We're the White House Hash,
And we say "F*CK YOU!!"