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Effective 22 January 2005
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Grand Masters: Bad Ditch
Indiana Bones and the Tampon of Doom
Religious Advisor: Sucks Cock For Crack
Hare Raiser: Big Bang
Scribes: Two Lips in the Bush
Snatch Shot
Haberdasher: R-U-N?
Hash Cashes: Please Step Away from the Whores
Test Tube Baby
Tally Ho: George Stuffed An Octopus
Hash Flashes: I Dream of Weenie
Douches Wild
Songmeisters: Rear End Loader
Boy Toy/ Oreho: Yellow Sub my weenie
Consiglieri: Out It Out
Mighty Tight

Hash Hops:
Shitty-Shitty-Bang-Bang, lovingly attended by:
Fuck'em Dano
Duck Duck Bush
Das Koont
Titly Winks
Schlong Time Coming
Rocket Socket
Tri Ass A Thong
38 Flavors
Jackoff Lantern
Gimme a Dick
It's Buttfucking Time
Bright Lights, Big Titties
Dildo Shaggins
Pond Scrum
3-2-1 Fuck-off
Wang Chunks
Resident of the White House: George "Dubya" Bush
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